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About Me

Hi! I'm YoshinoArt, an Italian 19 years old content creator.
In 2021 I became an internet active artist, Live2d rigger, Twitch streamer, and YouTuber.
I present myself as the vtuber elf Yoshino and I really enjoy my time drawing and making tutorials!I'll make sure you will have fun with me and we can learn together ♥

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me if you need extra info!Every commission is different, so by contacting you will be able to get a more precise estimate.Contacting me doesn't compel you to commission me!


Vtuber Models

Fullbody Prices

Fullbody art only = €4500
Fullbody rig only = €5500
Fullbody art + Live2d Rig= €8000

Rig Features
Blinking + Eye smile + Tracked Frown
Eyebrows 27 keyshapes
Mouth track 24 key shapes + cheek puff + mouth X
Head XYZ
Arms Swinging
Hips Sway
Knees bend/stretch
Hair, Eyes, Breast Accessory physics
8 Expressions
Idle animation (tail moving, ears wiggle etc)

Halfbody Prices

Halfbody art only €3000
Halfbody rig only €3500
Halfbody art + Live2d Rig= €5500

Rig features
Blinking + Eye smile + Tracked Frown
Eyebrows 27 keyshapes
Mouth track 24 key shapes + cheek puff + mouth X
Head XYZ
Arms Swinging
Hair, Eyes, Accessory physics
6 Expressions


  • +1 Expression = €30~100

  • +1 Arm toggle = €100~200

  • Tongue Tracking= €300

  • Extra Hairstyle= €500~1000

  • Extra Outfit= €2500~5000

↓Mascot •• Chibi↓

Art + Rig= €300extra toggle=€15
extra animation=€40

Art + Rig =€1000

KiyuuBuns Chibi CollabArt by KiyuuBuns+ Rig by me


(Size)LineartFlat ColorsFull shaded


  • 1 = €30

  • 3= €80

  • 5= €140

  • 10= €275


  • Make sure to fill out the form correctly. I have the right to decline or ask for extra charge for every further addition you do to your original form request.

  • Prices are in EUROS. If you use another currency, please google the change to check the prices

  • I accept payments through PayPal

  • No refund possible

  • I will give you an estimated delivery time, but it can be variable due to workload and personal life, if you want a rush order, It will cost extra.

  • When i will start working on your commission, i will ask for full payment

  • You have to credit me as the creator of the commissioned art

  • I have full rights to decline your commission

  • No revisions are possible after you approve the sketch. You will get many updates so don't worry! ♥

  • You CAN'T use the commissions for commercial purposes unless you paid the +250% fee. In the vtuber model prices are already included the rights to: stream with it, make merch out of the DESIGN I made for you, but not using the model art itself directly.

  • I will NOT share the source files unless discussed before the commission started.

  • I will NOT draw: pedo, heavy gore, heavy mecha

  • I will draw: OCs, fanarts, NSFW (any level)